Recent Projects
Rattlesnake Creek Conceptual Restoration Plan

We are working with our partners at Asotin Conservation District to develop a conceptual restoration plan for Rattlesnake Creek, inclusive of an assessment of geomorphic condition and an expected timeline for recovery. 

Rattlesnake Creek, Washington

Asotin Geomorphic Assessment and Conceptual Restoration Plan

We are working with our collaborators at Eco Logical Research and our partners at Asotin Conservation District on an analysis and compilation of a comprehensive report including stream classification, geomorphic condition assessment, and a conceptual restoration and priority management plan for the Asotin Creek steelhead distinct population segment.

A restoration structure on Charley Creek, Washington

Project Effectiveness Monitoring Program App

We developed and designed a mobile application to track the effectiveness of stream restoration projects funded by Washington State’s Salmon Recovery Funding Board. The app includes data collection solutions for livestock impacts, snorkel surveys, slope, thalweg profiles, floodplain connectivity, and other project effectiveness measurements.

 Meghan Camp field testing the PEMapp

Stream and River Assessment Hub (SARAH)

We designed and developed a mobile application for the Bureau of Land Management’s Western Rivers and Streams Assessment Program. The app facilitates data collection and data management for field crews collecting stream habitat characteristics including pebble counts, large woody debris counts, vegetation composition, slope, thalweg profiles, and photo points. Data is synced via WiFi to a central server hosted by Utah State University.

SARAH app start button

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