About Sage Environmental Research

We are a family owned and operated consulting firm founded in 2013 under the name EcoTech Solutions. EcoTech Solutions specialized in database management and digital data collection solutions for Natural Resources Professionals. In 2017 we expanded the scope of our consulting services and changed our name to Sage Environmental Research.

We offer expertise in wildlife and fisheries studies, and watershed assessment and restoration. We use the most relevant principles in study design, implementation and analysis of field data, and process based stream restoration. We also offer database management and digital data collection solutions. We can help you streamline your data collection work flow.  

Sage specializes in a common sense and professional approach to providing our clients with the information and services they need in a cost efficient and timely manner. Sage has a permanent core of two principal scientists with broad expertise in basic and applied ecological studies and watershed condition assessment and restoration. 

Our Team
Reid Camp
Meghan Camp
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